Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation

NASCAR Driving Experience For Warriors

Warriors who participated: Sgt. Jeremy Balmonte, US Army; Sgt. Kevin Bowden, Army; Sgt. Wesley Cravey, US Army; GySgt. Jeremy Garcia, USMC; SSgt. Jason Leap, USAF; MSgt. Angel Rodriguez, USMC; CWO3 Larry Rogers, USMC; Cpl. Brad Shelton, USMC; MSgt. Phillip Thomas, USAF; LTC Patrick Turner, US Army


         On Saturday July 20th, 2019 the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation sponsored a NASCAR driving experience for ten warriors from the Dallas-Fort Worth area at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. The day started with the warriors getting fitted for driving suits, attending a driving indoctrination and safety class, then hitting the infield pavement for their turn to ride along in a NASCAR stock car, with a professional driver, reaching speeds of 170 mph. After the ride along, each warrior had their turn behind the wheel of their own stock car, making several laps around the track. Many of the warriors said this was a bucket list item for them they could now check off and thanked the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation for providing them an experience that they’ll never forget.

    A Special thanks to Brody Hickey with driving101.com for helping to organize the day.

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Veterans are awarded a one of a kind Quilts Of Valor quilt

    SGT. Maj. Rudy and Tanya Gonzales family- both USMC Veterans (left) are awarded a one of a kind Quilts Of Valor quilt by Kathi Runyan (right) at the Bear Creek Quilt Guild meeting in Grapevine, Texas on July 16th

    The guild made the Quilt Of Valor as a fabric challenge at their Veteran's Day meeting last November. Each group made one block of their choosing. Kathi was charged with collecting the finished blocks and putting them together in a creative design and getting it ready for the final stages. Terina Nowlin, a USAF veteran and retiree did the quilting and Virginia Fuller did the binding. It was a real team effort and they were so pleased to present it to Tanya for her service to our country in the USMC.

    They saluted other women members of their guild group who served in the military including Kathi, an Army Nurse, a member of the Women Army Corps and another Marine member. A band played country/patriotic tunes for a great summer potluck evening dedicated to honor our military service men and women.

88% of all donations are used to support Wounded Warriors and their Families. For more information visit our Financials page.

For Wounded Warrior Support and Wounded Warrior Immediate Needs Information, contact:

Ron Nash (Xav8or14@gmail.com); 469-556-2209

            The mission of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation is to raise awareness, to honor, and to empower our Wounded United States Military Warriors who live in Texas and surrounding states, enabling them to assimilate back to daily life upon their return from combat. We seek to provide Wounded Veterans injured from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan with funding to defray the basic costs of living incurred, as a result of the short and long-term care of those injuries.

            Our focus is to support programs and services such as the Warrior and Family Support Center in San Antonio at BAMC.  Additionally, huge gaps commonly exist before VA benefits begin for Wounded Warriors who return from Iraq or Afghanistan following combat injuries.  The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation assists wounded veterans and ensures that they and their families receive private sector support to help fill this gap.  We also work closely with other agencies to provide needed services such as handicap upgrades to housing, transportation to and from medical appointments, and other needs.

            We support our Warriors by hosting golf Events, Golf Schools, Weekend Retreats, Hunting, Fishing, & Comradery.

            Who We Serve

  • Wounded Warriors, their families, and/or caregivers from Iraq including Gulf War I and Gulf War II as well as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
  • Families of the fallen from war theaters noted above.

            The horrors of combat can only be imagined by those of us who have never had these experiences, yet these imaginations can’t remotely compare with actual realities.  Warriors are forced to endure these hardships, not to mention the strain of family separations and multiple deployments. Physical wounds can be widespread, encompassing traumatic brain injury, burns, spinal cord injury, and amputation, just to name a few. Emotional and mental injuries are even more numerous where the incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is alarmingly high with almost one in five Warriors returning from combat being diagnosed with this condition.

             Additionally, suicides have increased dramatically in the last few years and are significantly higher in Warriors of recent war theaters compared with other veterans from previous wars (www.veteransandptsd.com/PTSD-statistics.html).  To view an excellent additional resource reviewing this crippling condition, click here.   While there are many government and non-profit institutions that perform wonderful services for these heroes, their needs continue to be paramount—many Wounded Warriors are still falling through the cracks and not receiving the help they deserve, despite widespread efforts. It is the desire of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation to seal as many of these cracks as possible and to be a significant resource for those Warriors in need.