Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation




                               7th Annual Texas Wounded Warrior Pro-Am

                                           September 27-29, 2014


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Our Mission

The mission of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation is to raise awareness, to honor, and to empower our Wounded United States Military Warriors, enabling them to assimilate back to daily life upon their return from combat. We seek to provide Wounded Veterans injured from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan with funding to defray the basic costs of living incurred, as a result of the short and long-term care of those injuries.



2013 Fort Bend County Fair Queen Delivers $10,000 to the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation, Tyler Texas



                                                   Dick Goetz, Chairman,  Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation
                                                   Sami Warriner, 2013 Fort Bend County Fair Queen



                                                      Dick Goetz, Chairman,  Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation
                                                      Sami Warriner, 2013 Fort Bend County Fair Queen
                                                      SSG (R) Josh Ives, Wounded Warrior and Board Member


On Friday August 8th Sami Warriner, 2013 Fort Bend County Fair Queen, delivered checks equaling $10,000. The majority of this amount came from her participating as a 2013 Fort Bend County Queen Contestant. Each Fair Queen candidate if they would like is allowed to name a Sponsor. Sami named the “Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation”, Tyler Texas.

Having a sponsor allowed Sami to accumulate commissions from her ticket sales, to be given to the Texas Wounded Warriors. Sami said “Representing the Fort Bend County Fair and the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation was a great combination…  Win or Lose many Fort Bend kids and Warriors benefited”…. I’m now proud to be a part of the Fort Bend County Fair Family.

Her proud Father Bernie Warriner says, “She told me a year before signing up that she was going to do it…She planned for it and worked her tail off”

“A week before signing up to be a Queen candidate…she told me about having the Texas Wounded Warriors as a sponsor…I was emotionally touched”

“ Sami has classmates in the military, Uncles, Great Uncles and been involved with Homes for Hero’s, but I don’t think she realized how big the impact she made until we met last week with The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation in Tyler”

She met and spent time with the Founder & Chairman Dick Goetz and his wife, SSG (R) Josh Ives, Wounded Warrior and Board Member and his wife Krystal, and Larue Decker, Executive Board. They told stories about the military and what the monies she presented will be used for. They invited Sami to participate in their annual fund raiser, as well as

Joining them and the Texas Wounded Warrior Board at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio to meet our Warriors….She’s all in for that. “She’s going to do big things in her life…We’re all proud of her”



The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation presents an award of appreciation of The Longview Chapter of Delta Waterfowl for their support of the Wounded Warriors at their annual banquet.



                                                  Dick Goetz and Julio Arriola, Longview Chapter of Delta Waterfowl




                                                              A visit to the PING Golf Facility in Phoenix



Dick Goetz, Chairman of Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation; John Solheim, CEO of PING Golf; LTC Kurt Kosmatka, US Army retired; Jack Goetz, Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation Board Member.


"When I came out of my coma in the summer 2007, following my MEDEVAC from Iraq, I was paralyzed, my eyelids were sutchered closed, a ventilator was breathing for me, and a feeding tube was down my throat. When I realized I was still alive, my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior kept me going, as did thoughts of my children (seven, five and three years old at the time). One other thing dominated my thinking; would I be able to golf again? My doctors weren't sure, but I knew someday, somehow, I would. That was my goal. I played a lot of golf in my mind, but finally now after some recovery, though still somewhat limited, I can golf for real.

On 12 March 2014 I had a real awesome experience visiting the PING golf club plant in Phoenix, AZ with Dick and Jack Goetz. PING's Pro-Tour Department head, Chance, had David Ulrich give Dick, Jack and me a personalized tour of the PING complex. David showed us how every PING club is individually shaped, bent, sized, and assembled. The employees took great care to ensure the quality and accuracy of their work and seemed to enjoy being there.

After our tour, Jack and Bill of PING "fitted" us under the VIP tent. They used cutting edge computer technology and software, as well as their expertise to analyze our swings to determine what club and shaft variations would best match our size, strength, and form. Jack used computerized avatar readings and measurements taken all the way from our stance, through the ball-strike, and to our follow-through. Their tools also assessed ball height and precise distance based on the angle it fell onto the microphonic surface of the ball landing area. As if things couldn't be better, John Solheim, PING Chairman and CEO came out to the VIP tent and visited with us for a while. John, Dick and Jack had known each other for several years. John expressed his thanks to me for having served in the military and in Iraq, and invited us back anytime. Our visit to PING was truly a wonderful experience for me, thanks to Dick Goetz. Being there provided me with an even greater understanding of and deeper appreciation for golf. I can't wait to get back out on the course."

Kurt J. Kosmatka LTC, US Army (ret.)